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Features of oriented strand board

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1. OSB board is environmentally friendly

The glue used for OSB boards is resin glue.The pine tree itself contains resin gum(which contains the largest amount of pine gum in all wood) and the same viscosity as after shaving.Then, from the pine tree extract of resin glue,through the sizing machine after storage and pavement,and after 200 degrees high temperature hot pressing,forming now you see OSB board.

The product has been in Germany,the United States,Canada,Japan,South Korea,Holland,Britain and other statutory certification HBF certification,full compliance with European E1 standards,and by the world recognized certification authority.


2. The expansion coefficient of OSB board is small, and its moisture content is 9.4%.

Destructive experiments have been done on the expansion coefficient of the OSB plate. The experimental results are as follows:

The original OSB thickness of 18mm,18mm plate soaked in water for 3 months(90 days later),for the 21mm,only increased by 3mm,The structure of the plate is still intact.It has a moisture content of 12%.The block board completely inflated in 4 hours and completely destroyed the structure.OSB plates are placed in boiling water above 100 degrees Celsius,and the refrigerator is not deformed at minus 20 DEG C.

3. OSB board is not deformed,It has a very good stability

Because the OSB board is made of pine wood, from multi layer laminated,the force is even, the force is even,the strength is good.The other is the whole plate stress,resulting in wood out of shape. And the OSB board won’t even if a small piece moves.

OSB holds the nail firmly,and it has extreme machinability in the process of sawing,nailing and drilling.


4. OSB board is free of moths

Another use of the OSB board is that it can be used as a packing case without fumigation and export free of charge.Because the OSB board is suppressed by 200 degrees of high temperature.Even though there are any bugs inside the pine tree, it has been completely treated at this point. It plays a big part in the health of the family.

5. OSB board has grain natural and realistic, It has good decorative effect

The plastic is strong,and the panel is concave and convex(also has smooth surface of OSB sand plate).Through designers,paint, fashion,retro and other styles, there is a certain artistic and arbitrary shape.It is much more flexible than ordinary sheet metal.The pattern of each OSB board will not repeat, but from the overall visual effect, there is consistency(snow crystals of snow),unlike the three plywood as the machine arrangement,at least 10 of the plate pattern is the same.Purchase,production process,but also from the selection.

6. OSB board can be arbitrary processing and painting.

If you want to make surface convex retro feeling (very popular in foreign countries, exports to Europe by way of this paint) can directly paint; to smooth surface, first with putty grinding, sand flat paint can be directly again.


7. OSB board has plasticity and processability, it can be made into any shape

As long as the design drawings, according to size cut a variety of panels, door panels, shelves, assembled once completed.

8. Oriented strand board can be fully used without waste

The remaining plate after the large plate is cut can be used as a door frame and window frame. Small pieces of useless wood can be made into wooden boards. The powder can be mashed directly. Although it's a wood slice. But not waste wood. It costs a lot less.


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