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Plywood production line

Plywood production line


Glue spreader/Plywood Glue spreader/Veneer glue spreader

Product Description


Function introduction:

The Glue Spreader is the best equipment in production of plywood. It is used in glue-spreading of fragmentary core boars and one-side glue-spreading of secondary processing of plywood overlay. The glue spreader is novel and advanced in structure, low in noise, easy in operation and maintenance. The machine has great rigidity in the glue roller and doctor roller, high accuracy in processing and good evenness in glue spreading.

Main technical performance parameters

Length of roller2700mm(8ft)
Glue roller diameter*tube lengthΦ420*2700mm
Squeezing rubber roller diameter*tube lengthΦ290*2700mm
Glue spreading speed40-90m/min(Stepless)
driven by frequency inverter
Main drive roller power7.5kw
Out feeding roller power0.75kw
Overall Dimension4600*2800*1800mm
Total weight5500kg

The Glue Spreader is made up of frame, glue rollers, doctor rollers, gearbox, drive gear, lift structure, gap adjustment structure etc(See General Diagram).


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